In this stage, there are 3 rounds, and 15 crowns can be collected.



In the first round, there are 3 monsters standing on the ground.


In the second round, there are 1 monster standing on the ground, and 2 monsters flying in the air.


At the last round, this is the boss stage with a boss with 2 weak points standing on the ground. A giant donut first appear in this stage, if any character torch it, the character will become bigger and deal more damage to the monsters. Since the giant donut can only be used once, think carefully before letting your characters torch it.

Special Boss may appear after the stage, the player can choose to fight or leave.


Rank 1 2 3 4 5
Stage Clear Stage Clear Stage Clear Stage Clear Stage Clear
15 Kicks 14 Kicks 13 Kicks 12 Kicks 11 Kicks
4 Crowns 6 Crowns 7 Crowns 9 Crowns 10 Crowns
Rank 6 7 8 9 10
Stage Clear Stage Clear Stage Clear Stage Clear Stage Clear
9 Kicks
13 Crowns

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